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Norfolk Southern Railway covers more than 21,000 miles in 22 eastern states, the District of Columbia, and the Canadian province of Ontario. The railroad serves every major port in the eastern United States and has connections to western United States railroads.


Primary commodities and products hauled by Norfolk Southern

Automobiles, automotive parts, chemicals, coal, forest products, intermodal traffic (containers and trailers), metals, petroleum products.


The regions Norfolk Southern services and how it got there

Norfolk Southern was formed in a 1982 merger of the Norfolk & Western Railway and the Southern Railway. In 1998, Norfolk Southern grew significantly as a result of splitting the assets of Conrail with competitor CSX. Here's a brief look at what where Norfolk Southern serves and how the parts of Norfolk & Western, Southern Railway, and Conrail formed the railroad today.

Norfolk & Western dated back to 1881 and ran from Norfolk, Virginia, to cities including Cincinnati, Columbus, Chicago, Des Moines, Detroit, Kansas City, and St. Louis.
Southern Railway dates from 1833 and serviced the Southeast, including, Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Louisville, Memphis, New Orleans, St. Louis, Savannah, and Washington.

In 1998 Norfolk Southern gained access to the much sough after northeast markets of the Unites States by purchasing and dividing the assets of Conrail with its competitor CSX Transportation. Norfolk Southern received lines used to funnel traffic from New Jersey and Philadelphia to points south and west as well as the main line from Cleveland through Toledo to Chicago. NS also received some lines in Michigan.

Norfolk Southern and CSX shares operations in three regions: North Jersey, Philadelphia/South Jersey, and Detroit. The agreement also stipulated that both NS and CSX operate trains into the Monongahela coal fields of southwest Pennsylvania.

By acquiring 58% of Conrail, Norfolk Southern doubled its track miles and number of employees.


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